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Acting School

Acting Studies - Specialization in Film Acting
at the Film and Photography Department of the University of Arts and Design in Łódź

By launching the training of film actors, the organizers of this education were guided by the reflection that modern film industry with a multi-million audience in the world requires training for film producers, including actors with specific skills, without which the film could not exist. The kinship of this profession with the profession of a theater actor actually reveals differences in the process of film production from the process of theater production as well as the means of acting communication in the film space and the space of the theater performance.

With the above in mind, the Faculty of Film and Photography at the University of Arts and Design in Łódź, undertook the task of educating actors for film without trying to compete with traditional acting schools.

A 3-year study based on the problems of work on a film set enriched with the basics of acting, such as diction and voice emission, interpretation of prose and poem, actors' stages extended by various forms of their implementation, have been supplemented with humanities, such as art history or history and film theory to embed the students of the Study in culture conditioning the creative profession of a film actor. Classes at the College are not preparation for academies or higher theater schools, although the knowledge and skills acquired at the Actors' Film School may be helpful when applying to its graduates for admission to these universities.

Basic subjects in the overall study process:

  1. Acting tasks / interpretation of the text and role
  2. Interpretation: prose, classic and contemporary poem, song. Work with a film script
  3. Working in front of the camera / cooperation with the director and film operator, awareness of the use of technical elements in film and television, such as light.
  4. Diction and voice emission
  5. Stage movement awareness - movement aesthetics and expression, improvisation
  6. History of theater, film, modern art, elements of cultural anthropology
  7. English language course