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The Higher School of Art and Design
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The Higher School of Art and Design is a unique non-state higher education institution in Poland with a wide range of specializations providing education in the fields of architecture, design and film. The School offers vocational programmes (licentiate and engineering first cycle programmes), Master's programmes (long cycle Master's and second cycle programmes), as well as postgraduate programmes.

The School is one of the three higher education schools in Poland offering a Master of Arts Diploma in the field of Film and Television Image and Photography.
It is also one of the three higher education schools in Poland with an independent Faculty of Design, which is one of ten fields of study acknowledged by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as vital to the development of Poland's economy.

The in-depth programme courses are delivered by a highly qualified academic staff; the School provides students with laboratories including a film and photography atelier equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The graduates are prepared for creative work as a designer and for research.

Fields of study and specializations in the first cycle, second cycle and long cycle programmes of full-time and part-time studies:


First cycle engineer studies (a four-year programme): 

  • Single-family and multi-family architecture
  • Public housing and special architecture
  • Urban planning of single-family developments, housing estates, districts and public spaces
  • Revitalisation of urban spaces and architectural objects


First cycle studies (a three-year programme)
Second cycle programme (a two-year programme):

  • Interior architecture design
  • Fair and exhibition design
  • Stage design
  • Furniture design


Long cycle studies (a five-year course)
Second cycle studies (a two-year programme):

The art of cinematography:

  • Documentary film and reportage
  • Fictional forms
  • Promotional videos
  • Animation and special pictures


  • Fictional film and reportage directing
  • Promotional videos directing
  • Digital film and television editing
  • Digital special techniques


  • Advertising photography
  • Creative photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Reportage photography


First cycle studies
Second cycle studies:
Industrial Design:

  • Product, package, means of transport, machinery and equipment, furniture, toys and tools design

Visual Design:

  • Editorial and advertising graphic design
  • Multimedia graphic design
  • Websites designing
  • Corporate Identity systems
  • Illustration and artistic book
  • Publication designing (press, books, folders)

Fabric and Clothes Design:

  • Casual clothing design
  • Unique clothing design
  • Stage costume design
  • Footwear and bags design

Art of the Object:

  • Jewellery, haberdashery, interior fabric and unique objects (lamps, handles) design


The recruitment period takes place from 04.05.2019 to 30.09.2019.
In case of vacancies, the recruitment period will be extended until 11.10.2019.

Recruitment place:
Dziekanat Wyższej Szkoły Sztuki i Projektowania w Łodzi
Dean’s Office of the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź
ul. Targowa 65; Łódź
tel. +48 42 678 05 50 extension 20, +48 42 678 26 71 extension 26
e-mail: dziekanat@wssip.edu.pl
Dean’s Office’s opening times: 
Monday 10.00-14.00
Tuesday 10.00-14.00
Wednesday 10.00-14.00
Friday 10.00-14.00

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