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Krzysztof Brandenburg - Construction project for the Center for Dialogue of 4 Cultures

The multifaceted nature of architectural creativity, from urban planning through architecture of building structures, interiors, exhibition and exhibition design, as well as furniture and architectural space design, is the essence of architecture which is the organization and development of socially useful space. Its structural coherent whole between the interior and its external form - like negative and positive - define its value as a complex work, seen in the contexts of civilization and cultural development.

Noticing these relationships, WSSiP was the first in Poland to form a didactic process which treats the multifaceted nature of architectural creativity equally in preparing students for the profession of architect. Extensive knowledge in the field of humanities, technology and culture translated into the organization and shaping of space guarantees reliable interdisciplinary as well as specialist education implemented in individual departments and laboratories. Computer and multimedia techniques used in the implementation of design exercises give education meeting current professional design standards. Top places in prestigious competitions and professional achievements of students and graduates confirm the effectiveness of the adopted didactic program.

Department of Architecture

1st degree engineering - 4-year
full-time and part-time studies

  • Designing single-family and multi-family houses
  • Designing service buildings
  • Designing public buildings and special-purpose facilities
  • Urban planning of single-family houses, housing estates, city quarters and spatial planning
  • Revitalization of urban space and architectural objects

Architecture studies educate in the field of architectural design of buildings and urban design. The program includes design and technical knowledge, provisions of construction law, economics issues as well as organization and course of the design and investment process extended by architectural computer programs and culture-forming knowledge.

The graduate obtains the 1st degree diploma with the professional title of architect engineer, authorizing him to work in offices designing architectural building objects and urban projects, and after completing his apprenticeship there, he can apply for rights, regulated by separate provisions.