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About the university

WSSiP is an elite university , educating based on theory and creative experiment under the individual supervision of teaching teams, which include professors of the best universities in Poland and recognized practitioners of the profession. Work on the idea of ​​the university, experience and awareness of changes shaped the university, with an unprecedented organizational structure in Poland and a contemporary understanding of education for the future. By opening the door wide to its own headquarters in the historic Scheibler's Palace, the School offers students realization rooms and lecture halls equipped with the latest specialist equipment, a cinema room, a library and an Exhibition Gallery.

The College of Art and Design in Łódź was founded in 1989 by prof. Jerzy Derkowski, who was her Rector until 2018. He is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Commission for all conducted fields of study. The university is located in the historic quarter of the city "Księży Młyn" next to the State Film, Television and Theater School "Filmówki", Museum of Cinematography, branches of the Museum of Art, Book Museum. WSSiP provides education at both vocational level (Bachelor's and Engineering's first level studies) and Master's level (Complementary and uniform 'second degree' studies) as well as postgraduate studies in full-time and part-time studies.

WSSiP in Łódź was the first private university in Poland to receive permission to conduct studies in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Design and Film, Television and Photography.

Is one of three universities in Poland and the only one among private universities issuing a master's degree in Film, Television and Photography and runs a post-secondary acting studio at the Film and Photography Department.

The university is also the third university in the country, running an autonomous Faculty of Design - a field entered on the List of Science and Higher Education as one of ten majors of key studies for the development of the Polish economy. It is the only university in Poland with the widest range of specialties in the field of design.

Highly qualified scientific and didactic staff implement a rich program of studies in well-equipped studios, workshops, film and photographic studio, preparing for future design, creative and scientific-research work.