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Szymon Kosmowski captured the film struggles

The training program at the Faculty of Film and Photography

The education program at the Film and Photography Department assumes that the film engineer must have the skills to transfer the screenplay content to the screen in accordance with the director's concept.

In order to present the scenario in a proper way, the image engineer should have theoretical knowledge and have mastered at a high level all the practical aspects of the production workshop. They should be particularly related to problems related to lighting, composition, camera operation, character portraiture, direction, work with the actor, the ability to stage scenes, creating the atmosphere of the place, stage design, forming the space of a black and white and color image and other resulting from the individual options of each film production .

The program assumes conducting classes using the following forms: auditorium lectures, practical group classes, individual workshop exercises and author's etudes, project consultations, seminars and workshops.

Education at the Film and Photography Department concerns subjects such as: art, technology and cinematography, the basics of working with a camera, stage design, the basics of direction and editing, digital image: visual effects and animation, color correction, documentary film and reportage, photography, implementation sound and editing, and complementary subjects, including: organization of film and tv production, selected issues of short film, cultural anthropology, art history, film and literature, visual arts, selected issues of copyright law, foreign language classes and other.

The candidate may choose a specialty from a discipline that is his / her individual interests. .

Particular attention in the education process is dedicated to film and photographic practical work giving the opportunity to learn and shape the creative sensitivity of students. Cooperation in groups is to enable the transfer of workshop skills, which can be included in teaching mainly through practical activities.

Individual film etudes boil down to the production of original films in full consultation with the teacher, at every stage of implementation. Thanks to this method, all elements of the production workshop will be included in a teaching manner in the context of a specific narrative.

The university has an Etiud Production Studio equipped with modern photographic, lighting and sound equipment necessary for didactics and for the implementation of film and photographic projects, which are a key promotion component after each year of study.

Studies at WSSiP are uniform, master's. After submitting the theoretical written work and film etude, the graduate obtains a master's degree in art.

We invite you to the Faculty of Film and Photography HIGHER SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN

Department of Cinematography

  • Documentary and reportage film
  • Feature forms
  • TV implementation

Direction Department

  • Directing a reportage film
  • Direction of a feature film
  • Direction of television forms
  • Film editing

Department of Photography

  • Documentary and reportage photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Artistic photography

Uniform Master's
studies First and second degree studies

In both fields there are blocks of humanities and supplementary subjects such as history of art, film, photography, organization and management of film production, language classes, PE.